Best Drainage Solutions for your San Antonio Home this Rainy Season

While it is essential to focus on how your water reaches your property, you must also ensure that your water drainage system can effectively protect your property from flooding. If your water drainage solutions are not working suitably and the excess water does not deflect, you could comfortably end up with problems like flooding, erosion, pests, etc. Some of them are further information given below.

Causes of Water Drainage Problems

Blocked Drainage system

Insufficient or Blocked Drainage Systems

The most common reason for blocked drainage systems can be attributed to the buildup of debris that blocks the water’s flow. As an illustration, you might have a few rainstorms over a week. During that time, an excess quantity of soil washes away, or leaves get trapped in the water pathway. And while it takes time for this to happen, the water flow gets interrupted, eventually leading to a blockage.

Urbanization and Concrete Surfaces

Any time when you have ongoing construction or the installation of concrete surfaces, those conditions raise the risk of damaging the drainage network exponentially. Excavation presents one possible culprit when it comes to damaging your drainage system. Also, installing sidewalks, parking spaces, and driveways may call for new drainage system solutions since water can accumulate quickly on these surfaces during a storm.

Poor Grading and Sloping

Poor grading and sloping can direct the water in the wrong direction, flooding your yard and, even worse, your home’s foundation. In this case, water drainage solutions offer valuable protection, not only for your landscaping but also from foundation damage. This fix would involve either adding or taking soil from certain portions of your yard to eliminate a negative grade.

Impacts of Water Drainage Problems

Impacts of water drainage problem


Unfortunately, it’s straightforward. Without a proper drainage network, low-lying areas will be the first to suffer the effects of floods, followed by property damage and even health risks. For this reason, have your property inspected for a negative grade, or you might need additional water drainage solutions such as protective barriers.


When you lack a properly working water drainage system, erosion follows. With the movement of land and water at variable rates, your property becomes more susceptible to run-off and flooding.

Water Contamination

When the water sits stagnant due to blocked passages, it becomes a haven for bacteria. In cases like this, you can expose yourself to numerous water or air-borne diseases that can easily affect the environment.

Water Drainage Solutions for Your San Antonio Home

Install French Drains

Install French Drains

A trench and a pipe with perforations make up a French drain. The region around the pipe is covered in rocks and gravel. The pipe is where the surface water is directed to the intended area after simply flowing through the rocks and into the pipes.

Create Dry Wells

Governments, communities, and private and public institutions may own and operate dry or stormwater drainage wells. While barely visible on the surface, underground they extend from 30 to 70 feet. The dry walls have a perforated casing lining through which the water flows into the ground.

Implement Rain Gardens

The rain garden combines beautiful landscaping with rain drainage solutions. Install in a property’s depressed areas, where little dips or pockets naturally collect runoff water due to the land’s slope.

Use Permeable Pavers

The layers of baked or concrete clay brick that make up permeable pavers are divided by joints made of crushed aggregate. As a paving system for walkways, parking lots, and roads, this system causes the water to go through the paver system rather than dormant stagnate.

Clear Gutters and Downspouts

Maintain and Clear Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts can easily make a mess if they’re not continuously checked and cleaned. Or, in the case of the downspout, when it is close to the home foundation or is creating a basin, you need to either extend it or divert the water away. However, sure enough, you always have a plan before you start, as you never want to send the water toward the house next door.

Utilize Rain Barrels

The rain barrel allows for collecting and storing rainwater for garden use. As an easy and inexpensive approach toward conserving water during a rainy season, this low-cost drainage water solution can be installed and utilized with minimal effort.


When checking off your home renovations, make sure that you pay more attention to the water drainage solutions. Proper installation, regular checks, and maintenance save time and money by preventing catastrophic damage from occurring. Remember to make grading, excavation, and, sure enough, water drainage solutions appointments with qualified and experienced professionals before the rainy season begins.

At Ultimate Construction, we possess the essential tools and extensive experience to assist you in maintaining your grounds and ensuring they look immaculate. With our well-equipped team, we are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a beautiful and well-kept property. If you have any questions or need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to assist you and provide the information you need. Feel free to contact us anytime – we’re happy to help!

5 Reasons Why Demolition Is Essential for New Construction 

Sometimes you have to start over from scratch, as can be the case for new construction homes where buildings already stand on the property. For many important reasons, building demolition would be required to make way for development. Some reasons relate to the age and structural integrity of the existing buildings, while others deal with the potential property value after their clearance. Therefore, you might consider the following reasons if you’re looking to invest in and develop a piece of property but are still unsure if demolition is necessary.

Main Reason That Buildings Are Demolished

main reason that buildings are demolished

Old Age

Some buildings are outdated, and their design may not suit your purpose for the structure. Also, because of their age, they may require renovations and maintenance that far exceed your budget. In this case, some or even all of the structure must be removed to make space for the new one. In the long run, this option saves time and money.

Increase Property Value

Moreover, nothing decreases the value of a property like a run-down building or debris lying around. If you are considering placing the property for sale, starting with a blank slate is better than trying to sell a dilapidated building. Likewise, building demolition would be necessary if you were going to add the additional step of new construction to the lot. In either scenario, you’re looking at a sizable increase in property value.

Facing Natural Calamities

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can render a building useless if it’s still standing. Flooding and quaking, for example, compromise the foundation, and more often than not, only part of the structure survives such a catastrophic event. So the safest option is to demolish the building and replace it. Or leave the lot empty.

Removal of Hazardous Materials

Another important reason for building demolition is the removal of hazardous materials. In addition, such materials include asbestos, lead, mercury, and polychlorinated biphenyl, all of which pose serious health issues. For this reason, many communities have included these substances as materials that are gotten rid of to comply with local building codes and safety regulations. A professional in the area of demolition, who also has specialized knowledge in hazmat removal, can remove these materials safely without exposing anyone near the construction site.

The Owner Wants to Sell a Vacant Lot

And sometimes, selling a vacant lot provides more versatility to potential buyers, which is why building demolition is the best choice compared to renovating an existing structure. After all, a piece of land can still bring a great price to the owner if it is located in a prime location.

Benefits Of Demolition

Thus, when it comes to enhancing the overall safety factor of a property while updating it, you’ll see the benefits that demolition provides.

Improve Safety Standards

Bringing an old building up to code can get expensive. So building demolition makes more sense than trying to update a decades-old structure that doesn’t meet current standards.

Modern Construction Methods

From a more modern design to improved materials, your property can benefit from the latest construction methods. Not only would the aesthetics be greatly improved, but so would the longevity of the new building or new construction homes.

Increases Safety

All in all, demolition that’s properly planned and executed enhances the safety factor. From the start, you can expect the safe removal of all debris and a complete clearing of the lot. Moreover,professional contractorswho are involved in the demolition and then the construction can guarantee the utmost compliance with your community’s regulations. Plus, any new structures that go up will be much safer than their predecessors.

Demolition Contractor


How long does it take to Demolish a Building?

Depending on the size of the building and the extent of demolition, the process can take a week on average.

How long does it take to demolish a single-family house?

Smaller houses may take up to 3 days, whereas bigger ones may take a week. If you need asbestos or any other hazardous material removed during demolition, removing this part can take two weeks or more.

How much does it cost to demolish a house?

The cost of demolishing a house can vary significantly depending on several factors. These factors include the size and type of the house, its location, the materials used in its construction, and any additional requirements or complexities involved in the demolition process.


When you’re looking for an estimate for building demolition or have additional questions about the process, you can count on us to provide solutions for demolition or construction cleanup. At Ultimate Construction, we excel in pool removal, land clearing, and more. With over two decades of experience and a firm knowledge of your local codes and safety regulations, we provide removal and hauling services that are thorough, cost-effective, and, most of all, safe.Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pool Maintenance Tips That Will Keep You Happy This Summer

Everyone enjoys a good swimming pool. However, every pool needs regular pool care and cleaning as well, and while most of the processes are straightforward, having that basic understanding of how different work, the maintenance essentials, and the best pool cleaning methods will help you in the long run. After all, you want to know how to deal with any potential pool issue you might have. Plus, this will save you thousands of dollars in damage that occur due to neglect which can make your swimming pool unsafe for use.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Although owning a pool can provide immense enjoyment for your family, it entails more than just recreational activities. Proper maintenance is vital to ensure its longevity and minimize the need for frequent repairs over time.

In reality, sustaining the excellent condition of your pool requires effort and commitment, not only during the summer but throughout the year. Fortunately, with a basic understanding of pool care, you can effectively preserve its appearance and functionality.

Maintaining your pool may involve some work, but removing the pool is not a good idea. By dedicating a little time and know-how, you can confidently care for your pool and ensure it remains visually appealing and fully functional at all times.

Vacuum Your Pool for Dirt and Debris

Start with the straightforward operation of vacuuming. In addition to making the pool cleaner, cleaning the pool’s surface will shield anyone from infection. Algae and debris are simply removed by vacuuming the pool, much like when cleaning your home. Be careful to remove anything on the pool floor as well, such as leaves or other objects. Most experts advise complete swimming pool cleaning once a week.

Clean the Tiles

With the dirt and debris out of the way, It is appropriate to go on with the pool tiles. Baking soda and an old toothbrush will be all you need to create wonders. The more you clean, the better your pool will look that is why professionals recommend scrubbing your pool tiles, in addition to ladder fittings or pool lights, at least once or twice per week so you can avoid algae growth.

Clean the Tiles

Find and Repair Leaks

Another swimming pool maintenance task is routinely inspecting the pool liner walls. Since the liner constantly comes into contact with the water, it might show signs of wear and tear over time. Ensuring these surfaces are repaired and clear of debris, algae, or mold will keep the pool clean and safe.

Pool Pump and Filter System

In addition to the pool, the pump also needs a regular checkup since it plays important role in keeping the water clean. With the help of a pool filter, the pump constantly circulates to clear out dirt or contaminants. It keeps your pool’s environment in top-notch, swimmable condition.

Ensure your pump and filters work to ward off algae and keep the water at a safe pH level.

Maintain the Water Levels

With the above two out of the way, we want to focus your attention on something that many homeowners tend to overlook. That is the maintenance of the pool water levels. If your water levels constantly rise and drop, it will affect the chemical balance of water. When the water level isn’t maintained, the pool’s filters and skimmers have a more difficult time doing their job, which makes your pool less clean.

Water Levels

Check the Filter Pressure and Backwash

As you continue with the pool usage, you will start noticing signs that point out that it is time to clean or replace the filter. If the filter pressure decreases, you might observe an abnormal pool odor or a clogged drain. Frequent pool cleaning will extend its life and quality. Additionally, backwashing the filter is highly recommended. It refers to reversing water flow through the filter and shunting any built-up contaminants or dirty water to the waste port. If this is not something you are familiar with, you’ll need to learn the process and make it a regular practice.

Pool Pump and Filter System

Schedule your Pool Cleaning Regularly

As you may notice, most of the swimming pool cleaning activities be done weekly, thus creating a need to develop a pool cleaning schedule. It will assist you in staying organized and completing all tasks. It will also help you in planning for any larger upcoming tasks, such as closing the pool. By being consistent with your swimming pool maintenance, you will also avoid infections and unfortunate accidents.

Now, while most cleaning processes need to be completed weekly, depending on your location and the frequency of pool usage, some activities may require daily attention. For instance, if your backyard has a lot of trees, daily debris cleaning might be the optimal choice. However, you can allocate specific tasks to different days of the week. This approach ensures that you won’t have to invest a significant amount of time each day while still maintaining the pool in good condition.

Pool Cleaning


Having a pool in your backyard is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy the summer. And while pool cleaning is a regular task, it doesn’t mean you have to be enslaved by your pool’s maintenance processes. All you need to do is understand how your swimming pool works, knowledge the various cleaning processes required, and plan accordingly. This way, you can quickly achieve peace of mind and have no issues with your pool cleaning methods.

Ultimate Construction stands as the epitome of excellence in the construction industry. Our team specializes in comprehensive pool maintenance services, ensuring your in-ground pool remains a sparkling oasis year-round. Contact us to goodbye pool maintenance headaches and hello to effortless relaxation.

Renovating vs. New Construction: Which Is Better For Your Project?

Homeowners will eventually have to face the dilemma of renovation vs. new construction. This situation occurs frequently in the situation of owning a home that is a decade or more of age. At Ultimate Construction, we’ve heard of every argument for both sides, which is why we’ve compiled the information below to help you decide whether you should consider renovation or new construction as you plan for your future home.

Renovation Or Build New

Renovation Overview

Renovation is a broad term that covers anything from a simple bathroom redesign to the addition of a new wing to your house. Renovation may not grant you complete freedom, but the contractor still needs your input.

Renovation Construction

The Benefits of Renovating

Renovation comes with many benefits that you may not have even considered:

  • Renovations could increase the value of your home
  • It is easier to plan and budget for a renovation
  • Some changes can make a home more functional or efficient
  • You won’t have to leave a home that has sentimental value to you

Sometimes, you might consider a new construction, but you might only need a few renovations to your current home. It’s possible that once you make those updates, you’ll discover that you’re already satisfied.

Considerations for Renovation

While renovation is much more manageable than new construction, there are important questions you must ask yourself before starting.

  • Have any renovations been done to my home by the previous owners?
  • How will this update affect the value of my home? Will it influence salability?
  • Do I need to contact local government or the HOA before I can start?
  • What exactly do I want to change and what am I willing to budge on?

These are simply a few factors you need to consider during a renovation, but once you have all the details you need, you’ll be ready to get the project started.

New Construction Overview

As you can imagine, a new construction involves a much larger investment, both in time and in expenses. You’ll need to work closely with your building team to ensure that your new home has been customized to your liking.

New Home Construction

The Benefits of Building New Construction

A new construction may seem like a daunting task at first, but you’ll find that there are benefits to building a brand-new house.

  • The home is tailored to your needs
  • Newly built homes usually have lower maintenance expenses, meaning a lesser cost in the long term
  • Your ideas won’t be hindered by pre-existing layouts or structures
  • You can choose what goes into your home, which can make it more efficient or environmentally friendly

A new construction allows for everything to be built according to your specifications. Only budget and imagination can stand in the way of your vision.

Comparing Renovation to New Build

Renovate Custom Home

When making the decision to construct or renovate, the answer is going to come down to your personal needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself before starting your project:

  • Which choice is more cost-effective for me?
  • Am I ready for the time commitment this project entails?
  • What is my budget, and how far am I willing to stretch it?
  • Which project will result in something that best satisfies my needs?

Your needs, situation, and budget help you make your final decision. Your best option is to contact a construction company to help you effectively deal with the problem. At Ultimate Construction, we will help you identify the source of the issue and provide the best solution. To obtain a free quote from a professional with over 26 years of experience, contact David Magill at 210-379-4348.

Retaining construction company FAQs

1. When should I consider renovation instead of new construction?

If you find that you are satisfied with your current home, except for a few small parts of it, we advise renovation against construction. Since there are so many traits you already love, it is likely that updating the parts that you don’t like will bring you more satisfaction than constructing a brand-new home.

2. Which would cost less renovation or new construction?

This depends on the scale of your construction or renovation. In some cases, a large-scale renovation may cost more than a small-scale new construction. However, we’ve found that new construction generally costs more than renovation, due to the amount of different expenses involved.

3. Which is more environmentally friendly?

Again, this can vary from case to case. In general, however, since you have so much freedom of what you put into a new construction, building a new home has the potential to be environmentally friendly depending on the materials and landscaping you opt for. There also are renovations you can make to an existing home that can make them more ecofriendly and energy efficient.

Yard Drainage Problems, Solutions and When to Hire Professionals

Wouldn’t it be the best feeling to look over at your yard and see a fantastically manicured landscape? Whether we are referring to the front yard or the back yard, this outdoor space requires a certain amount of attention. But an improper yard can be one of the most frustrating outdoor issues a homeowner has to deal with, every time that it rains homeowners might feel as though their lawn becomes a swamp. There’s nothing more despairing than the dreadful sight of a water-filled spot in your yard. Therefore, why does your yard resemble a small lake? The answer is simple, yet complex—a yard drainage problem. For a healthy outdoor you may have overlooked maintenance issues once in a great while and for this, you should find a landscaping contractor who actually knows what you need. It’s tough to determine the exact source of this information, but over the years, we’ve seen them all from minor problems to serious ones. Below are some common yard problems and their solutions to help you to figure out your next yard drainage repair and when to call a professional.

Standing Water in Yard

Standing Water in Yard

Inadequate yard drainage can be one of the most frustrating problems. Standing water causes landscape problems such as grass death, the growth of mold, and issues with the foundation. Also, the puddles become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Fortunately, some fixes can get done manually, but others will need you to seek professional help.

Solutions for standing water:

  • Dethatching

Excess leaves and grass clippings build up over time and prevent water from draining completely. Make sure you clear off this blanket of debris in your yard. You can use a lawn rake or a power rake to eliminate the material that’s covering the surface.

  • Re-grading

As the year’s pass, your yard could lose its original slope which is also known as grading. As a solution, you can hire a professional landscaper to survey your yard and identify the trouble spots. They will then advise you on which areas need re-grading and then carry out the task.

Mower Ruts

Mower Ruts in San Antonio Texas

These are thin, shallow grooves that are found in yard after you run a lawn mower over wet soil. You might notice them if you either hear squishy sounds on the ground or when the ground displacement quickly happens after being stepped on. These ruts, which are a sign of oversaturation, can damage a healthy lawn.

Solution for mower ruts:

  • The most advisable solution is to leave the mower ruts alone and naturally allow the ground to shift into its ideal position. Then, use a stamper to redistribute the soil.


Erosion in San Antonio Texas

Sometimes the runoff that comes from your downspout carries away the topsoil in your yard which then causes erosion.

Solution for erosion:

  • You will need to find a way to redirect the runoff either by extending the downspout or using catch basins and French drains.

Path and Patio Flooding

Path and Patio Flooding In San Antonio Texas

Paths and patios are prone to flooding because of problems with exterior designs that cause water to settle in large areas.

Solution for Path and Patio Flooding:

  • One possible solution involves installing French drains. They take a short time to construct but require professional help to install. Basically, they work like a trench with a pipe that’s buried under the gravel. It may naturally cause some water to drain via the trench, and then the pipe will drain the remaining large amounts of water.

Soggy Trouble Spots

Soggy Trouble Spots

When you detect spots in your yard that are soggy despite not having been watered recently, then you’re in need of a yard drainage repair.

Solution for Soggy Trouble Spots:

  • One way to solve this problem is by digging up the troubled areas and filling them with soil and gravel. However, you might also check your sprinkler system for leaks as you’re digging.

Impacted Soil Conditions

Impacted Soil Conditions

This yard drainage problem can be caused by excavation projects that involve loss of soil structure, nutrient degradation, soil salinity and a pool installation.

Solution for Impacted Soil Conditions:

You can therefore improve the soil permeability in your yard by reducing the compaction and amending the soil. For starters, try adding humus if the soil contains clay. It improves soil’s permeability and eventually the drainage.

Contact Yard Drainage Professionals

Overall, your best option is contact a water drainage company to help you effectively deal with the problem. The professionals at Ultimate Construction will help you to identify the source of the issue and give the best solution. To obtain a free quote from a professional with over 26 years of experience, contact David Magill at

5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Construction Company

Hiring a construction company is no small feat. Aside from making a few phone calls, attending a few meetings to discuss proposals and estimates, and comparing prices, you have to do your homework to find a reputable company that’s licensed and insured. Also, you other factors to consider such as the staff’s experience and training, customer reviews, and of course payment and contract terms. Thus, looking at each of these details before making a final decision is well worth your time and most importantly, money.

Things to Know Before Hiring a Construction Company


Did you know that to be able to retain a license, contractors have to participate in continuing education in their trade? This is one of the most important reasons you should inquire about licensing before hiring a construction company. Maintaining a license means staying current on the latest technology, trends, and safe practices along with any changes to local codes and ordinances.

Experience & Staff Training

Likewise, the best construction companies tend to be the ones with the longest tenure. That’s not to say a new startup might have enough combined experience or training. However, you need to confirm with the representative that the staff has adequate training or better yet, has earned certificates in their trade.

Contract Terms

Knowing the expectations for the project upfront benefits both sides. Any solid construction company representative would know that. So, feel free to ask questions about timespan, project management, and handling of any permits. Also, the rep would need to give exact details about the project itself and all of the steps that it entails.

Payment Terms

First of all, a reputable, legitimate construction company would never accept cash or ask for it before or upon completion of the roofing job. If they are, then you might be dealing with a scammer. However, if you’ve checked out the establishment, licensing, and reviews, you’ll know well before this point that you’re communicating with the rep of an actual business. Therefore, most construction companies would accept a check or credit card payment upon completion of smaller projects. Likewise, they might offer financing options for larger projects while asking for a down payment—which is normal. Thus, you’ll need to look into your state’s laws about down payments since there is a limit to how much a contractor can for upfront.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a big role in this major decision. After all, a construction company with many 5-star rates or even an average of 4.8 would perform an excellent job. Also, you might consider reaching out to friends, family, or business associates who have hired the companies that you’re considering in the past. Plus, you can ask for references from the company’s representative.


What are the steps in the construction process?

You can divide this process into six main steps, although the process entails more minute details depending on its complexity. These include-

  • Project conception – the client’s idea
  • Design – bringing the idea to fruition…or back to reality
  • Preconstruction – hiring the construction company and then getting a project team together
  • Procurement – purchasing materials and necessary equipment
  • Construction – the actual building
  • Post-construction – the architect’s inspection and certification

Lastly, you have the inspections by your local authority, and if all goes well, the project is complete.

What type of machinery is used for excavation?

You’ll likely see excavators which lift large loads of dirt, rock, or brush or are used to dig out foundations, holes, or trenches. Also, we utilize backhoe loaders to move heavy materials along with bulldozers and skid-steer loaders. Other commonly used machinery includes.

How many types of construction are there?

You have five main types which are: residential, commercial, industrial, building, and heavy civil. The majority of our projects relate to residential and commercial, although we have worked on roads and drainage systems on private property and provided our services to other builders.

How do you calculate excavation costs?

The cost is estimated by multiplying the total volume of excavation times and the excavations price per unit. For instance, if the client wants a pit excavated to the size of 3x3x3, and the market price is $10 per cubic meter, then the volume (27 cubic meters) times 10 would equal $270.

How much do excavation companies charge?

According to Home Advisor, the average cost for land excavation and grading could run between $1,446 and $5,568 depending on the region where you live, the terrain and soil, the size of the area to be excavated, the type of equipment needed, and the time (specifically the season) of the year.

At Ultimate Construction of San Antonio, we take the guesswork out of hiring a construction company. With over 20 years of experience, we offer professional services in excavation, demolition, and more—at a price that suits your budget. Call us now for a free in-person estimate.

As anyone who lives in the San Antonio area knows, drought is a frequent problem during the warm season. One way to combat its effect on your lawn is to consider sod replacement. Using a hardier species of grass than currently exists on your property can both reduce your water bill and keep your yard looking good during dry spells.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the basics of drought resistance and tolerance. We’ll also consider what particular types of grass are likely to do well during dry conditions. Armed with this information, the reader will be able to make informed decisions about what is best for their lawn.

Four Aspects of Drought-Resistant Grasses

Plants vary in their ability to survive with little or no water. Here in the southwest, a number of species have developed the ability to endure for many months between periods of rainfall. Of course, only a few of these are suitable for residential lawns.

Those that are good choices for this purpose are discussed in the rest of this article. Their ability to withstand extended dry spells falls under four major categories.

1. Drought tolerance

This refers to the variety’s ability to flourish during periods of low watering. Buffalo, Bahia, and some forms of St. Augustine do well during such times.

2. Dehydration tolerance

This refers to the tendency to stay an acceptable shade of green during times when there is little or no rain. Zoysia, Bermuda, and some types of St. Augustine all enjoy strong root density, structure, and low water needs, making them ideally suited for such conditions.

3. Dehydration recovery

This refers to the ability of grasses to withstand drought conditions by going into a dormant state for extended periods. While they may turn brown during such times, they are in fact alive and will respond readily to watering when the dry spell ends. Buffalo and Bahia grasses are especially adept at doing so.

4. Dehydration quantity

This refers to the level of water a type of grass needs in order to avoid turning brown and slipping into a dormant state. This is the point at which many homeowners are misinformed. They plant a grass that they have been assured is highly resistant to drought, only to become upset when they discover that going dormant is the means by which it resists dry conditions. A brown lawn isn’t high on anyone’s list of desirable characteristics for their yard. Such grasses do have other uses, however, such as when strong erosion control is desired during periods of flash floods.

And the winner is….

While no cultivar is perfect, in most instances, sod replacement with St. Augustine grass is the superior choice for drought-prone regions. It withstands dry spells as least as well as Zoysia, Buffalo, and Bermuda grasses, while retaining more of its desirable green shade. FX-10, Floratam, Palmetto, and Raleigh are particularly good choices for the San Antonio area due to the fact that they can endure well under both drought conditions and periods of heavy rain and flash flooding. These qualities also mean that the homeowner will be able to get by with less supplemental watering, making these grasses economical as well as enduring choices for one’s lawn.

A Comprehensive Approach to Drought Management

Choosing a hardy grass for your property is only one aspect of resisting the affects of south Texas climate patterns. Landscape grading and establishing a drainage system are also important steps. Here at Ultimate Construction, we have the tools and experience to help you keep your grounds looking great, no matter what the weather brings your way. Contact us today.

Grass sod installation is a popular choice for people looking to establish a new lawn. It can also bring new life to an old lawn that has seen its better days. At Ultimate Construction, we’re highly trained and experienced in all aspects of sod delivery, sod replacement, and preparing lots for new grass. Here’s a quick look at how we handle such jobs:

1. We’ll start out by evaluating the site for the best type of grass for its conditions. For example, areas that receive strong sunlight all day do well with Bermuda or similar varieties. On the other hand, shady areas require different types of grass, such as St. Augustine. The most important thing is to choose a variety that can thrive during the south Texas summers, and we’re well acquainted with the types well suited to our hot, arid climate.

2. Next, we’ll check the site for low spots or other issues that might cause drainage problems. Sometimes, these types of problems can be solved by grading the land to encourage runoff. Other times, it might be necessary to install an underground drainage system or even a dry creek bed. We’ll let you know what your options are before we proceed.

3. Grading is an essential part of establishing a new lawn. Water must flow away from your home and any other buildings on your property. We’ll establish a gentle but consistent grade that will ensure you’ll never worry about having a flooded foundation or similar issues.

4. Soil preparation comes next. The ground must be reasonably loose to allow rainwater to soak into it and nourish the roots of the grass sod installation. If your site has hard, compacted dirt, then we will break it up to a depth of several inches, creating a perfect bed for your new lawn to take root in.

5. We may or may not need to add fertilizer or other amendments to the soil. A simple test will reveal the pH level of your land. It should be between 6.0 and 7.0. If it’s not, then we may add limestone to make it less acidic. We can do a chemical evaluation of your land and determine what, if anything, needs to be done for it to support a lush, healthy lawn.

6. In some cases, we may need to add topsoil to your lot. We rarely do so, however, unless the ground is in exceptionally poor condition.

7. Right before we install the sod, we’ll ensure that your land has been finely graded, thoroughly raked, and cleared of any humps or depressions that could cause problems later. The end result will be soil that is perfectly suited to the introduction of sod.

8. When the time to install the sod has come, we’ll only use pieces that are at least one inch thick, freshly cut, and healthy. If possible, we will keep it in a shady spot while it’s being put in place. We’ll complete this part of the job with all due haste, as sod should be installed within 36 hours after it is cut.

9. As a final step, we’ll either roll or tamp your new lawn lightly. This will ensure good contact with the supporting soil. It will also remove any air pockets that might prevent the grass from taking root.

Once all of this is done, we encourage customers to water their new lawn. It should be watered thoroughly, to make sure the water reaches the proper depth. The idea is to keep the soil moist without letting it getting soggy. It should be ready for its first mowing within 4-7 days after it’s put in place.

If grass sod installation is what you need, then give us a call. As we mentioned before, we have the training and tools needed to do the job right the first time. So put our more than 20 years of experience to work for you by contacting us today.

At Ultimate Construction, we specialize in offering professional Bobcat services at fair rates. As full-time professionals in the construction trade, our work is backed by more than 20 years of experience.

Despite this, some people insist on renting heavy equipment and having a go at the task on their own. While we appreciate their initiative, in most cases these people would be better off leaving the work to us. Here are a few reasons why you should leave this kind of work to the professionals:

We have been providing Bobcat services to the people of San Antonio for over two decades. We handle construction equipment and tools every day of our working lives. This means we can get the work done faster, better, and safer than those who only use Bobcats occasionally, not to mention those who have never operated one before.

Any time construction work is performed, there are potential hazards that come along with the job. These include the possibility of cave-ins, striking buried power, water, or sewer lines, tipping the machine over during operation, and many more. Wouldn’t you rather have a highly trained professional performing your Bobcat services?

To get the most value out of Bobcat services, the operator needs access to the dozens of accessories that make doing virtually any construction job easier. For example, a Bobcat pro will be able to install and operate bulldozer blades, brush cutters, tree stump removers, front-end loaders, and other specialized add-ons. This is yet another reason why Bobcat services are best left to the professionals.

In addition to Bobcat services, Ultimate Construction performs demolition and post-construction cleanup, trenching, sod delivery, road construction, landscaping, pipe installation, grading, and a host of other services. Our work is guaranteed and we will gladly provide references from past customers. Why not call us today for a free, no-obligation quote? We look forward to hearing from you.

Excavation services are a foundational part of any modern building project. Excavation is a crucial component of electricity, phone, and internet service, as well as water and sewage lines. At Ultimate Construction, we handle all types of excavating, making us the company of choice when it comes to performing this vital work. Here are 4 types of excavation services that you might need for your property:

Foundation digging

Whether you want your building to rest on a solid slab, a block wall, or a poured concrete perimeter, proper excavation is essential to ensuring the correct results. We have the tools, training, and equipment to do the job right.


This is essential for running utility lines. However, if done incorrectly, the results can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why you need our decades of experience in trench digging—we can save you from time-consuming problems and needless expense.

Septic tank excavation

For those who live out of reach of city sewer lines, an independent septic system is essential for comfort and sanitation. This in turn requires that the lines be cut at the proper grade to ensure adequate flow. Our expertise with excavation services can save you from costly plumbing bills down the road.

Swimming pool removal

This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of excavation services;nevertheless, it must be done correctly to avoid sunken land, poor drainage, and other issues down the road. As one of the few local firms with experience in this type of work, we can make sure your old, unwanted in-ground pool is removed without a trace.

You can trust Ultimate Construction with your excavation services, as well as all other types of construction-related work, including road building, building site cleanup, grading, and drain installation. You can count on us to do the job right, and for a price you can afford. Call us today to find out more.