San Antonio Bobcat Services

San Antonio Bobcat Services

At Ultimate Construction, we specialize in various San Antonio bobcat services, including land clearing, excavation, land leveling and grading, drainage, trenching and more.

Land Clearing

With the continuing residential and commercial real estate development in San Antonio, Ultimate Construction is a great resource for the initial phase of the project where you need a contractor to go in and do some land clearing. We will remove brush, unwanted cedar trees and other hindrances. We are fast, efficient and cost-effective for your land clearing project.

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We have several past customers who have asked us to come in and excavate an area of the backyard to prepare for an inground pool to be installed. We have the necessary tools and equipment even for the hard rock base in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio. Many of the pool design and installation companies hire us first to perform the preliminary excavation of the land before installing the pool.

Land Leveling and Grading

Does your yard have unwanted hills and valleys? Is rainwater getting too close to your foundation? Ultimate Construction’s bobcat contractors can help grade and level your land for better drainage, as well as a flat, even surface for things like new driveways, concrete pads, outdoor sheds, and more. Land developers will contract with us to come in and perform the land leveling and grading for new residential and commercial projects. We are bonded and licensed for large projects.


To prevent rainwater from getting too close to your foundation, you need Ultimate Constructions’ bobcat contractors to come in and grade the land for optimal drainage away from the foundation. The cost to properly grade the land for proper drainage is far less costly than foundation repairs. Call Ultimate today - we can be in and out of your property within days.


With Ultimate Construction's bobcat services, we're able to dig large trenches for electrical and plumbing for new developments. We have the proper trenching equipment needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently at a price that can't be matched.

We Specialize in Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance

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