Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing

Advantages of Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is much more than removing an ugly tree from a piece of land. This process cuts down, picks up and hauls away trees, brush, junk automobiles and even decrepit buildings to prepare the property for some other use. Beautifying the area increases real estate values, provides additional space, controls pests and adds magnificence. In the hands of an expert, a problem property is quickly converted to an attractive, usable area.

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Lot Clearing

Real Estate Values

Whenever overgrowth, old buildings or accumulated junk are removed, the land instantly becomes more valuable. Before any building can be constructed, lot clearing is required. This process removes trees growing in the wrong places and prepares the soil for the construction process. Because buyers clearly see the property and do not have to spend additional funds, buyers are willing to pay more for a lot ready to build on. This price could be as much as 5% to 20% more. Even contractors bidding on a job are happy to see ready-to-go soil; these professionals can be more accurate in their pricing which means lower costs for the owner.


Removing unwanted shrubs and trees from a backyard increases usable space, makes it safer for people to use and adds interest. Once the lot clearing has been done, larger yards give children more room to play and outdoor enthusiasts more space for activities.

These activities can be fragrant flower gardens, productive vegetable patches, a tennis court or even an outdoor kitchen for summertime comfort. Once this unsightly overgrowth has been removed, obnoxious weeds and inquisitive rodents have nowhere to hide making the area safer for everyone. Mice, rats, spiders and bees quickly find new places to live and play. Best of all, the added space can be beautified with a few strategically placed trees, an arbor, a swimming pool or an attractive storage building for collectibles.

In the hands of an expert, lot clearing is quick and easy with guaranteed results. The property owner benefits in four ways. Consulting a professional on the lot clearing project is the first step to increasing real estate values and enjoying extra, safe and useful spaces.

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