Gravel Road Construction

Although gravel road construction can be done anytime on any surface, a smooth, long-lasting roadway requires the right process. Like any other building project, a gravel road starts with the foundation. The other three stages are sub-grade material, sub-base material and gravel surface. Weak areas are potential problems waiting to happen. Our professional contractors will survey the driveway or proposed project, inspect the road or plan, anticipate problems, and suggest workable solutions. With the help of an experienced road builder, the result will be a solid, gravel road offering comfortable passage for years to come.

Four Parts of Gravel Road Construction

Driver satisfaction is almost guaranteed if you use the right material and design. The depth of the road base depends on the ground; hard packed dirt and rock require little or no base, while sandy or swampy areas need special attention. This foundation supports the road, and is usually comprised of hard-packed dirt. The sub-grade layer is composed of larger rocks, to give it strength and solidarity. The sub-base layer of smaller rocks helps to fill in the gaps in the sub-grade layer, and the whole thing is packed down to create a solid foundation. Gravel, of course, is put on the top. Experienced road contractors are particular about this topcoat; we know what type of gravel makes the best driving surface.

How Experience Helps

A knowledgeable contractor should know two things: how to build the road and how to fix problems. The four most common complaints are springtime softness, summer/fall drainage problems, rutting, and dust. Although the best time to remedy the first two problems is during initial construction, if your current gravel road is sagging or soggy, we can add a stronger base into your existing road, or redirect water flow. If the ridges in the road are slight and erode over time, the road needs to be graded. However, if these ruts are deep and occur after a rain or snowstorm, the roadbed is too soft and requires more material. As roads get drier, dust is a common nuisance. Property owners have two choices in dealing with this problem: drive slower, or have the road treated with a surface stabilizer.

Projects ranging from road repair, ranch roads, small driveway repairs, aspalt repair and county roads.

Our contractors understand gravel road construction, and can give you a passage that is easy to drive on and maintain. Call Ultimate Construction for your gravel road construction, Demolition Hauling, Sod replacement, inground pool removal, water drainage solution project today!

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