Anyone considering in-ground backyard pools should call the specialists first and ask about their excavation construction services and costs. Many times, homeowners are very pleased with the low cost of the soil removal. Homeowners who have used this service are thrilled with how quickly and efficiently the project was completed. After all, the construction company has the equipment and skill to make this a pleasant experience for everyone.

Affordable Cost

By the time homeowners rent a backhoe and dump truck and spend two or three weekends or longer digging the huge crater in the backyard, they could have hired professionals to get the work done quickly and efficiently. After all, these do-it-yourselfers have to master complex levers to make the backhoe perform. Unless they keep these expensive machines for weeks, the homeowners return the equipment during the week and pick it up the next weekend. In addition to the daily or hourly charge, these workhorses need fuel and eventually, the do-it-yourself costs can add up.

Excavation Construction Services

When a company is hired to do the job, all costs are included in the bid. A company representative calculates the amount of soil to be moved. This professional also investigates the backyard to see what size equipment can be used. Compact backhoe loaders scoop up dirt quickly and unloaded it directly into a dump truck. When the truck is full, the truck simply drives somewhere and unloads the soil in a matter of minutes. This is the fastest way to do the job.

Even if space is limited, heavy equipment can still be used. There is no need to dig this hole by hand. A bobcat operates in very small, restricted areas. Although this process may be slower, the work is still accomplished without damaging buildings, fences, or retaining walls.

Homeowners ready to install an in-ground swimming pool have no reason to fear the process. With just a quick call to this construction company offering excavation services, all their problems are solved. The company has the knowledge and equipment to get the job done.

Before and after pictures of some completed jobs


Lot clearing should be a simple process that almost anyone can do. However, many people start on this project only to discover they need help. Property owners may run into a utility issue, tree problems, buried treasures, hazardous materials, and underground water concerns. This list does not include permits, if required, and debris removal, as these can be investigated and handled before the project starts.


Overhead power, cable, and telephone lines are easy to see. Unless the property owner checks with the local utility division, he or she will not know if there are buried lines running through the property. A grading contractor investigates this first to avoid damaging a gas main or rupturing a sewer line.


Trees can be pushed over with heavy equipment or cut down without incident some of the time. However, if a tree lands on someone’s home, garage, or car, the lot clearing cost increases dramatically. Another problem is tree roots. Some trees have one large root in the center while others have many roots spreading over a wide area.

Buried Treasures and Hazardous Materials

Hopefully, the lot only contains grass, shrubs, trees, and dirt. Occasionally, old foundations are discovered and need to be removed. Vacant land is sometimes used as unauthorized dumps; discovered items could be household garbage, old car batteries, or metal containers of unknown substances. Fortunately, a grading contractor knows what to do when one of these difficulties is encountered.

Water Problems

No matter how many times a person crosses the property, water hidden below the surface may not be noticed until a heavy piece of equipment drives through the area. This soft mud may be caused by a water leak, spring, or natural catch basin. Before dwellings can be built, the problem must be resolved.

Property often contains surprises. Hidden problems involve utilities, trees, buried treasures, hazardous materials, and water troubles. A grading contractor hired to do lot clearing has experience in dealing with all of these issues effectively and efficiently.

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