Driveway Repairs

Driveway Repairs

Successful Driveway Repairs Require Detective Work

The first step in driveway repairs is to find out what caused the problem. Although it is easy to see the crack, hole, dip or buckle, that issue is the result of something else. Overzealous homeowners grab a new bucket of asphalt patch or concrete sealer and splash the product on the problem hoping it is fixed. However, an experienced technician takes time to find out what caused the problem first. Before offering any driveway solutions, this expert analyzes the driveway, investigates potential problems and forms a recommendation to resolve that difficulty.


These smooth and often elegant entrances to garages are constructed from many different materials. However, asphalt and concrete continued to be the top two choices of informed homeowners. Both are inexpensive and durable. Different products require their own unique driveway repairs.

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Driveway Repair


Asphalt driveway repairs fall in three categories: patch, replace or control. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate containing stones, sand and liquid asphalt cement, which is a petroleum product heated until it liquefies. Chuckholes, crumbling and cracks are repairable. However, when tires leave impressions in the surface or asphalt heaves or buckles during cold weather or spring thaws, the problem is more serious. Driveway solutions for these problems require replacing the product or improving water runoff. Asphalt laid on improperly prepared ground cannot support the weight of vehicles.


An experienced construction company can take one look at a concrete problem and suggest driveway solutions that work. Cracks form in cement when extra water is used in the mix to make it more pliable. Another problem is cement that cures too quickly as the top layer dries first and pulls away from the wet bottom. Simple driveway repairs are adding control joints allowing the concrete pieces to expand in hot weather and contract during cold weather.

Discovering what caused the problem is the first step in making effective driveway repairs. An experienced professional looks at the issue and knows what driveway solutions will solve the dilemma. With the right care, this important and highly used pathway to the garage will remain a smooth, safe and attractive avenue of entrances and exits for years.

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