Sod Replacement

Sod Replacement

4 Reasons to Use a Landscaper for Sod Replacement

Although almost anyone can lay turf, smart property owners get help from the specialists. This landscaping business has the knowledge to make sod replacement fast and easy. By using a quality product, the company guarantees customer satisfaction. Busy individuals should call this company first before they order sod delivery; they will be glad they did.

Fast and Easy

This sod replacement technician has an experienced work force and the necessary equipment to remove ugly old grass quickly. The ground is prepared the ground for its lush, new green covering. The sod delivery arrives on time and trained technicians are ready to plant the new grass.

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Sod Replacement


Sod replacement deals with living plants. The faster these professionals can get the new grass harvested from the growing field and replanted, the better. That is why the timing of the sod delivery is so important. Both the area and the crew must be ready for the new turf when it arrives.

Quality Product

Correctly matching ground covering to the soil, sun and use is the difference between success or failure. Texas has a demanding climate with hot, dry summers and freezing winter conditions. Not all species of sod replacement grow well here. St. Augustine, Zoysia and Bermuda are hardy choices as these grow well in full, hot sun and only need 3/4 inch of water a week. These brands have long runners and take the abuse of heavy use. Although Buffalo grass is native to the area and grows well in heavy clay soil, it requires an inch of water a week to keep its natural good looks. This grass is too fragile for most needs.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

As not all grass thrives under these demanding conditions, this local landscaping specialist knows what works best for each customer. In addition, this technician of green pleasure orders sod delivery from a quality local grower close to the planting area to keep plants healthy.

There is no reason for anyone to do hard, backbreaking work. These landscaping experts quickly remove sickly lawns and install vibrant green grass by using their knowledge and experience. Quality sod replacement guarantees fast satisfaction.

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