Yard Drainage Problems, Solutions and When to Hire Professionals

Wouldn’t it be the best feeling to look over at your yard and see a fantastically manicured landscape? Whether we are referring to the front yard or the back yard, this outdoor space requires a certain amount of attention. But an improper yard can be one of the most frustrating outdoor issues a homeowner has to deal with, every time that it rains homeowners might feel as though their lawn becomes a swamp. There’s nothing more despairing than the dreadful sight of a water-filled spot in your yard. Therefore, why does your yard resemble a small lake? The answer is simple, yet complex—a yard drainage problem. For a healthy outdoor you may have overlooked maintenance issues once in a great while and for this, you should find a landscaping contractor who actually knows what you need. It’s tough to determine the exact source of this information, but over the years, we’ve seen them all from minor problems to serious ones. Below are some common yard problems and their solutions to help you to figure out your next yard drainage repair and when to call a professional.

Standing Water in Yard

Standing Water in Yard

Inadequate yard drainage can be one of the most frustrating problems. Standing water causes landscape problems such as grass death, the growth of mold, and issues with the foundation. Also, the puddles become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Fortunately, some fixes can get done manually, but others will need you to seek professional help.

Solutions for standing water:

  • Dethatching

Excess leaves and grass clippings build up over time and prevent water from draining completely. Make sure you clear off this blanket of debris in your yard. You can use a lawn rake or a power rake to eliminate the material that’s covering the surface.

  • Re-grading

As the year’s pass, your yard could lose its original slope which is also known as grading. As a solution, you can hire a professional landscaper to survey your yard and identify the trouble spots. They will then advise you on which areas need re-grading and then carry out the task.

Mower Ruts

Mower Ruts in San Antonio Texas

These are thin, shallow grooves that are found in yard after you run a lawn mower over wet soil. You might notice them if you either hear squishy sounds on the ground or when the ground displacement quickly happens after being stepped on. These ruts, which are a sign of oversaturation, can damage a healthy lawn.

Solution for mower ruts:

  • The most advisable solution is to leave the mower ruts alone and naturally allow the ground to shift into its ideal position. Then, use a stamper to redistribute the soil.


Erosion in San Antonio Texas

Sometimes the runoff that comes from your downspout carries away the topsoil in your yard which then causes erosion.

Solution for erosion:

  • You will need to find a way to redirect the runoff either by extending the downspout or using catch basins and French drains.

Path and Patio Flooding

Path and Patio Flooding In San Antonio Texas

Paths and patios are prone to flooding because of problems with exterior designs that cause water to settle in large areas.

Solution for Path and Patio Flooding:

  • One possible solution involves installing French drains. They take a short time to construct but require professional help to install. Basically, they work like a trench with a pipe that’s buried under the gravel. It may naturally cause some water to drain via the trench, and then the pipe will drain the remaining large amounts of water.

Soggy Trouble Spots

Soggy Trouble Spots

When you detect spots in your yard that are soggy despite not having been watered recently, then you’re in need of a yard drainage repair.

Solution for Soggy Trouble Spots:

  • One way to solve this problem is by digging up the troubled areas and filling them with soil and gravel. However, you might also check your sprinkler system for leaks as you’re digging.

Impacted Soil Conditions

Impacted Soil Conditions

This yard drainage problem can be caused by excavation projects that involve loss of soil structure, nutrient degradation, soil salinity and a pool installation.

Solution for Impacted Soil Conditions:

You can therefore improve the soil permeability in your yard by reducing the compaction and amending the soil. For starters, try adding humus if the soil contains clay. It improves soil’s permeability and eventually the drainage.

Contact Yard Drainage Professionals

Overall, your best option is contact a water drainage company to help you effectively deal with the problem. The professionals at Ultimate Construction will help you to identify the source of the issue and give the best solution. To obtain a free quote from a professional with over 26 years of experience, contact David Magill at www.constructionsatx.com.