Gravel Road Construction Specifications, Maintenance and Cost

 Gravel roads are and an excellent alternative to mulch and patio paving in gardens. These unpaved roads are usually surfaced with gravel in landscape setup for more reliable drainage. Many people construct a gravel road by themselves as a DIY project. But construction of a good quality gravel road is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning, preparation and the proper use of resources. By following correct fundamentals, you can build a smooth and uniform road that can withstand all kinds of loads.

Having a good understanding of resources and knowing the specifications can help you build a gravel road that will not break easily even in extreme weather conditions. Today we will discuss everything about Gravel Road construction, from specifications, maintenance to the cost.

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All about Gravel Road Construction: Specifications, Maintenance and Cost

Gravel road construction specifications: Here are various terminologies used during the construction of gravel roads.

  • “Sub-grade” refers to the zone right below the pavement.
  • “Pavement” is any part or all of the area comprising the base course and the surface course.
  • “Base Course” refers to the materials used on compacted sub-grade to create the lower part of the pavement.
  • “Surface Course” is the material placed right above the base course to create a wearing surface.

Now that you know about the basic terms, let’s head forward.

Tolerances, Grade and Alignment Control of Gravel Road Construction

To achieve good results, you should be aware of the common tolerance levels used. Although a general contractor would make you aware of the specification during the gravel road construction, it is always good to know these basics.

The typical surface level of the layer measures for construction are as follows:

  • Surface Course measure – 15 mm (Above required Level) – 15 mm (Below required Level)
  • Base Course measure – 10 mm (Above required Level) – 10 mm (Below required Level)
  • Sub-grade specifications – 20 mm (Above required Level) – 20 mm (Below required Level)
  • Side slopes – 0.15 m to one side or other
  • Centre-line of roads – 0.25 m to one side or other

In case tolerance exceeds, the builder should take the relevant steps. Grade and alignment are other crucial aspects that need to be monitored closely. In professional construction, it is set and maintained by the contractor after the assessment by the engineer.

There should be proper arrangements for the quick outflow of water that may deposit in and around the construction site. The general contractors take care of it. It is the builder’s responsibility to make arrangements for drains and pumps to keep the roadwork water-free.

Sub-grade of Gravel Road

Usually, the materials required for sub-grade are excavated from around the region. As long as it is approved, the contractor can excavate or probably cut to sub-grade level. All unnecessary materials are removed from the sub-grade and then further compacted as per the requirements and specifications. It is advisable to keep the sub-grade protected and well-drained.

Base Course of Gravel Road

Natural sand and gravel mixture must be used of a good grade. It should be free from any deficiencies or damaging elements. It provides the much-needed underlying layer.

Surface Course of Gravel Road

The material must be well-graded crushed stone and should be free from impurities such as natural river gravel.

Gravel Road Maintenance

Gravel roads last significantly longer when they have proper drainage. Crowns and shoulders should be properly shaped so the water can easily channel away from the surface of the road. Regular grading of gravel roads is key to keep them in good condition. Reshaping, clearing the drainage system and removing any extra material is also advisable for proper maintenance routine.

Cost of Gravel Road Construction

Well, the final cost depends heavily upon the length of the road and materials used. The project cost varies from area to area depending upon the miscellaneous costs as well. It is advisable to get in touch with contractors near you for better clarity on cost break up.

The contractor you are going to hire plays a vital role in the quality and cost of the gravel road. Make sure they have the expertise to build the road successfully.

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