6 Reasons To Consider In-Ground Pool Removal

Sometimes the things we think we’re going to love turn into objects we hate. This is often the case with in-ground pools. To some people they’re status symbols or great places for parties and family fun. To others they are a safety concern, a nuisance, or even a nightmare. Here are six reasons to consider in-ground pool removal:

Surrounding trees make it hard to enjoy –

This can occur for two reasons; one is that the trees shade the pool so well that it never reaches a comfortable temperature for swimming. This is especially the case when the pool has no heater or has one that doesn’t work properly. In such cases a quick dip may also mean a bout with hypothermia, even on warm days. Also, trees tend to drop leaves, which can provide a constant source of work to clean out of your pool. So when you would rather have the shade than the pool, the latter has to go. When it’s in poor shape – Like your home and your lawn, pools need regular maintenance, or they will develop serious problems over time. The walls can crack; the lining can fall off; the pump, heater, or other mechanical elements can break down and be very costly to fix or replace.

The chemicals may never seem to balance right, making your eyes sting after taking a swim or tingeing your hair green. If any of these problems occur, and you’re unable or unwilling to pay the expensive costs of correcting them, it might be time for the pool to go. When it prevents you from gardening, landscaping, or just enjoying your yard – For some homeowners, having a giant pool in their backyard just means that they will be unable to plant that garden they’ve wanted. Others dream of having a gazebo, water feature, or flower beds, but are held back because their pool fills up the available space. If you would rather get your hands in the dirt or swing from a hammock than take a dive, then you should look at removing your pool.

When you have safety or health concerns –

Many parents worry about their young children or grandchildren getting near their pool – for good reason! Others are bothered by the chemicals needed to maintain it, or are unable to do the physical work necessary to keep it up. When the pool causes these kinds of concerns, maybe it’s time for in-ground pool removal.

When you want a new one –

Maybe you’re ready for a brand new pool—perhaps one with an abstract shape or multi-level effect. But if the old one is standing in your way, it’ll have to go.

When you simply hate the dang thing –

Some people bought a property with an existing pool, and despise it because of its shape or color, or for other reasons unique to them. In any event, if you find yourself wishing it would vanish, we can help.

If you decide to have your pool removed, be aware that it’s a task best left to professionals. It’s made from extremely heavy reinforced concrete, with electrical wires and pipes running underneath it. Here at Ultimate Construction we have the specialized tools and experience to do an in-ground pool removal right. We use hardened steel heads driven by machines to break up the structure, and then employ bobcats and other earth-moving equipment to remove and haul away the resulting debris.

While our work is professional, our rates are reasonable. We invite you to contact us today. We’ll be glad to come by at a time convenient to you. It will take us just a few minutes to look over the job, and after we do, we’ll provide you with a no-cost estimate so you can make an informed decision. Contact us or call 210-379-4348 today!