Let Us Help With Your Yard Drainage Problems

Yard drainage problems are all too common in the area around San Antonio. They say that when it rains it pours, and that’s certainly true in our part of the Lone Star State! The good news is that these issues can be fixed. So, here’s a look at situations we see often and how we can resolve them.

Swampy Yards

A swampy yard can occur when a shallow part of your property turns into a stagnant basin of water after rainfall. The water may stay there a few hours, for several days, or even weeks. This is one of the most pesky yard drainage problems to have, because it can cause serious health issues, as spots like these are the preferred breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects. They can even attract poisonous snakes in some cases, and are always a blemish on a property’s appearance.

Fortunately, we can rid your land of these swampy areas forever. One way is to make the rain run off instead of pool. Water always gathers at the lowest spot around, so if we remove the dips and depressions, you’ll be free of the swampy areas. We can also install an underground French drain system that will draw the water into a hidden channel, directing it towards a faraway creek or river.


When homes are first built, one of the first steps is to contour the property so that the house sits on the highest spot around. This is done so that rain will flow away from instead of towards the foundation. Over time, however, this can cause deep gulleys to form on your land; left alone, these will only grow worse over time, creating ugly scars that may lower your property’s value and cause other problems.

To fix this issue, we’ll first figure out what’s causing it. For example, sometimes it starts at a gutter drain spout. Other times, it begins at a low spot on a bank or hill. Once we’ve found the source of the problem, we can fix it either by reshaping the land, installing underground drains, or using rock or other forms of mulch to scatter the runoff. The method we choose to use will depend on many factors, and you will have the final say on which option we will use.

Flooded Foundation/Basement

These problems are most obvious after prolonged periods of rainfall. You’ll either notice water surrounding your foundation like a moat, an indoor pond where your basement used to be, or both. These are very serious issues that must be solved as soon as they arise. They can weaken your home’s structure, form mold and mildew, or cause other threats to the safety and health of you and your family. Some contractors claim that they can get rid of leaky basements by sealing the walls with special chemicals. While this can be part of the solution, to fix it permanently, the cause must be addressed. Sometimes the home site wasn’t properly landscaped at the time of construction. Other times, the land’s contour has changed due to erosion, construction, or other changes.

Whatever started the issue, the answer is to reshape the land so that water flows away from the home instead of toward it. In most cases, this is a simple matter of landscaping. In other cases, we’ll need to build retaining walls and install underground drains. In any event, you’ll know how much each solution will cost you before we begin work, and we’ll do nothing without your permission.

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