Demolition hauling is more complex than it may sound. On the surface, the task seems simple: pick up the old material, throw it in a truck, and haul it to the landfill. In reality, however, doing the job correctly requires both the right equipment and thorough knowledge of OSHA regulations. Here are a few reasons why demolition hauling is a task best left to the pros:

  1. Demolition itself is a specialized job that must be completed according to established regulations and safety guidelines. For example, demolishing exterior walls and doors properly requires starting at the top of the structure and working downward. Roof cornices and other ornamental touches must be removed prior to taking walls down. Steel frame members must be cut free early in the process. Above all, the site to be demolished must be thoroughly searched for explosive, flammable, or corrosive materials prior to beginning demolition work.
  2. If any of the required steps were not taken, then there may be hidden dangers lurking on the site, the kind that require demolition hauling experts to detect. When you rely on casual laborers to handle the job, you run a serious chance that they could injure themselves and/or violate stringent federal laws. If this occurs, then you may be held legally liable for the results.
  3. Demolition hauling requires equipment that’s up to the job. When a structure is demolished, some of the leftover materials may include large chunks of concrete, steel beams, lead pipes, and other materials that are difficult or impossible for human beings to handle safely without a Bobcat, front end loader, or other specialized tools. Again, if problems result from the people you hire not having access to these resources, then you may be held responsible for the consequences.
  4. Demolition hauling also requires knowledge of how to handle hazardous material cleanup. Uncle Sam has a host of regulations in place regarding all kinds of chemicals, including products like household paint, cleaning solutions, and drain openers. Dumping all these materials together runs the same risks mentioned above. This is yet another reason to hire professionals to handle this important and specialized work.
  5. After cleanup is completed, it’s important to have a construction professional survey the site to ensure that it’s safe for new building or other activities. Otherwise hidden dangers may still be present, such as spikes, shards of glass, toxic materials, etc. If the building was not properly demolished in the first place, then there may even be a basement or other subterranean level that is still in place just below the surface.
  6. Failing to use experienced professionals for demolition cleanup is like having a ticking time bomb in place, one that may go off weeks, months, or even years in the future. For example, if the crew you hire doesn’t remove all the hazardous materials from the site, then, over time, these toxins may leach into the local water table or a nearby stream or river. Not only does this pose a lingering threat to innocent people, it will also keep you on the hook should anyone get hurt or killed. Is saving a few dollars now worth the risk of facing major fines or even a lawsuit at some point down the road?

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